PGA golfers with disc replacements


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Are you or someone you know suffering from pain or discomfort caused by neck or back conditions?
You’re not alone & we’re here to help you regain your life with spinal support solutions.

PGA golfers with disc replacements
PGA golfers with disc replacements

Here at rediscover, we’re dedicated to building a community that provides support and information for patients suffering from pain or discomfort caused by neck or back conditions and considering surgical spinal reconstructive solutions.



with a better understanding of degenerative disc disease and its potential symptoms

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with available disc replacement & fusion solutions and recent treatment advancements

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and how spine surgery can have a positive, life-altering effect on a patient

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by rediscovering the previous you and regaining your life.

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rediscover is the spinal solutions website changing lives through increased awareness about neck, arm, back, and leg pain—and advanced treatment options. On rediscover, you can find a local surgeon that may be able to provide real solutions for degenerative disc disease! rediscover is sponsored by the largest privately held spine company focused on anterior column reconstruction—on a mission to help people with pain find help and hope.

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These individuals can inspire your journey to healing and life after disc replacement surgery—and the hope of freedom from spine-induced pain and discomfort.

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Meet a Patient Ambassador:

Joe was in pain.

Joe regained his life after debilitating neck, shoulder, and arm pain nearly destroyed it—but his story wasn't unique. Learn how he rediscovered his active lifestyle after surgery with the prodisc® Total Disc Replacement.

Joe's Story

OUR spokespeople

rediscover more through our spokespeople and their inspiring stories after spinal surgery.

Rory Sabbatini's Story

I probably feel better today than when I was 30 years old! Since having prodisc implanted, I have no issues with my neck and have full range of motion.

-Rory Sabbatini

Dr. Robert Masson's Story

I’ve been an advocate of prodisc from the very beginning. Being a patient myself, I understand what the journey is like. This procedure allows my patients to return to their lives.

-Dr. Robert Masson

Brian Gay's Story

People are amazed at my recovery and how quickly I was able to get back to my personal and professional activities. As a professional golfer, I had confidence in the prodisc system based on its inherent stability and long-term history of success. Stability was especially important considering my extensive physical activities.

-Brian Gay