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Tiger Woods: Reborn

You may have seen his remarkable comeback. You may think you know the story. But you haven't heard the full patient journey from the Tiger's mouth. rediscover and Centinel Spine present Tiger Woods—in his own words—on his spine, his surgery, and his incredible story. Watch the videos below for more about Tiger Woods’ back surgery and the role it played in getting him back on the course.

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more about TIGER'S SURGERY

Learn more about Tiger Woods's patient journey, surgical procedure, and the technology behind his historic comeback.

Tiger's Surgery: Covered

Tiger and his fusion surgery doctor provide insight into the specifics of the ALIF procedure and the STALIF® technology that enabled Tiger to regain his everyday life and make his triumphant return to the pinnacle of the PGA Tour.

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As the developer of both the rediscover Spine Community and the STALIF M-Ti™ implant used in Tiger Woods' comeback spinal fusion surgery, Centinel Spine has partnered with Tiger to support its mission of educating the public on spinal disease and options that allow individuals to function at a high level. This partnership brings together two leaders in their field—with the goal of educating individuals that spinal injury and disease does not require living with pain, nor does it need to negatively affect an active lifestyle. If you’re suffering from spinal disease, you can use our surgeon locator to try to find a local surgeon who might be able to help you experience a similar transformation to that which Tiger Woods’ spinal fusion procedure gave him.

The Centinel Spine-Tiger Woods Partnership in the News:

Golf Magazine:
"It was clear that Woods didn’t sign up for this particular surgery so that he could come back and contend in major championships; he signed up for this so that the pain would go away and he might live some semblance of a normal life."


Golf Digest:
"After the procedure was completed, doctors told Woods to stand up... 'Stand up? You just cut me open. Why do you need me to stand up?' The doctor’s reply, as Woods recalls with a smile: 'You’re OK to stand up now, it’s good.' The nerve pain in his right leg, which had plagued him for years, had vanished." "


"This video is simply yet another example of why Woods’ comeback to the peak of the golf world may just be the greatest comeback in the history of sports... Absolutely remarkable stuff."


Roland Martin via Twitter:
"Man, the pain of @TigerWoods back is WILD. This is a helluva breakdown."


Becker's Spine:
"The procedure allowed Mr. Woods to resume playing professional golf and led to him clinching his 15th PGA Tour major win — his first in 11 years."


"...this is one of the few interviews Tiger Woods has given in quite some time on a subject he often brushes aside. These seven minutes of testimony ring true, especially about one of the most painful episodes of Tiger's career: his back surgery."


The Athletic | Greatest Sports Comebacks:
"How can this not be a comeback for the ages, a feat of modern medicine and unparalleled resolve? For a sport built on rotation and torque, how can Woods' surgery not forever change the way fusions... are viewed?"


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