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rediscover is more than just a spine-focused website. It is an inspirational Spine Community of former pain-sufferers coming together to tell their stories of triumph over adversity. It is a useful resource to find the advice and attention you need to not only return to the life you had before spine-related pain, but flourish in your post-pain existence.

Our Mission

Since 15-Time Major Golf Championship Winner, Tiger Woods, received his STALIF fusion device, and PGA Tour Winners Rory Sabbatini and Brian Gay received their prodisc® Total Disc Replacement devices, they don't just feel better—they regained their lives and are now playing at the top of their game, in comebacks worthy of Hollywood movies.

That is the mission of rediscover:

To provide individuals with pain or discomfort in their neck or back a pathway to regain their lives.
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Our Background

rediscover is developed and administrated by Centinel Spine, the industry leader in anterior spinal column reconstruction.

Centinel Spine offers a continuum of trusted, brand-name motion-preserving and fusion solutions backed by over 30 years of clinical success—providing the most robust and clinically-proven Total Disc Replacement and Integrated Interbody™ fusion portfolios in the world.

Centinel Spine derived its name from the “Sentinel Sign”, the radiographic confirmation of a successful fusion anterior to the interbody device.

For more about Centinel Spine, please visit the company’s website:
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They Regained Their Lives

These individuals can inspire your journey to healing and living free from spine-induced pain and discomfort.

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