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If you are experiencing pain, numbness, or discomfort in your neck, shoulders, arms, legs or lower back and you would like to speak to a surgeon in your area, the rediscover surgeon locator is a great first step towards a consultation with a doctor specializing in either motion or fusion procedures for the cervical and lumbar spine. With as little as a zip code and an email address, you can find multiple qualified physicians today.

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We encourage you to read a story and/or watch a video that resonates with you and hope that it provides you with the encouragement to pursue the next steps in your journey.

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The Patient Assistance Line

Total Disc Replacement devices like prodisc may be considered investigational by your insurance provider. While reimbursement coverage for TDR and stand-alone fusions continues to increase, not all insurance companies cover these procedures. Centinel Spine offers a Patient Assistance Line (PAL) to qualified patients to help them to get insurance coverage for these surgeries.

If you are not covered by your insurance provider, the PAL (Patient Assistance Line) is available to help you gain coverage for prodisc procedures. The PAL is a reimbursement support service that assists YOU, the patient. Your PAL is dedicated to assisting YOU and working together with your surgeon, medical office, and insurance provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions and looking for information? Find the answers to some of the most frequently-asked questions about the spine, prodisc Total Disc Replacement, and the rediscover program.

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Glossary of Terms

If you are confused, curious, or concerned about some of the terms used on this website, or when speaking to professionals about your spine health, you will find a variety of definitions in our comprehensive glossary.

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Important Patient Information: The resources provided on this site are for informational purposes only. This website is not a replacement for professional medical advice. You should discuss both surgical and nonsurgical treatment options with your doctor. Only your doctor is qualified to diagnose and treat your condition.

Problems can occur when you have spine surgery, including surgery with prodisc implants. There is a risk that the surgery may not make you feel better or may cause you to feel worse. If this happens, you may need another surgery to help you feel better. View the specific problems that can occur during or after prodisc L or prodisc C surgery.

Reimbursement is dynamic. Coding, coverage and payment are subject to change. Centinel Spine cannot guarantee reimbursement for any procedure associated with the use of its products. Providers should contact their specific payers if they have questions regarding coding, coverage or payment.

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These individuals can inspire your journey to healing and life after disc replacement surgery—and the hope of freedom from spine-induced pain and discomfort.

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