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Finding the right spine doctor can be especially challenging. However, the search function below can be used as the first step down the path to connecting with the back or neck pain doctor that is right for you.

Every individual’s back or neck pain is unique and will respond to treatments differently. If you need a total disc replacement, we can help connect you with the right surgeon.

Ready to find a spine surgeon? Please enter your search parameters and you will be presented with the contact information of spine specialists in your area who specialize in prodisc Total Disc Replacement procedures for the spine.

Please Note: Not all surgeons with significant experience in disc replacements choose to be publicly listed on our website. For more information about surgeons near you, please email

Selecting an anatomical region will limit your results list to surgeons with expertise in that area. For example, selecting ‘lower back & legs’ will restrict the visible practices to surgeons with expertise in only lumbar total disc replacement, eliminating visibility of practices without expertise in lumbar total disc replacement such as those that focus on cervical procedures.

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This is not a comprehensive list of surgeons using Centinel Spine products, but rather a much smaller list of surgeons that meet certain ‘experience threshold’ criteria related to the anatomical region being searched. In addition, not all surgeons utilizing Centinel Spine products have elected to be a part of our surgeon locator (their practice may not be open to new patients) and so some geographies may have very few surgeon options. Check back later, as we are encouraging practices to become a part of our surgeon locator, and are adding practices to the locator on a daily basis.


There are many treatment options available for various spinal conditions. A back pain doctor might first recommend heat, anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy. If pain persists, additional forms of treatment may be necessary.

These may include nerve root blocks and injections. If these traditional forms of treatment do not relieve your symptoms, surgery may be needed. Disc replacement is a surgical procedure for individuals with back pain caused by degenerative disc disease.

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Below you will find some helpful guides and printable cards to review before visiting a spine specialist.

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